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Today I will be writing about my community.  One good thing about living in a community is that other people will help you when you need help.  Second, there is always something else to do.  With so many people living in a community, there will always be something entertaining to do.  Next, you will have people to talk to.  These people may be your friends, or just a neighbor.  Fourthly,  you will be more safe if you were in a community.  Firefighters and police officers would protect you from dangers that you may face yourself if you were not in a community.  Here are some of those dangers.  Finally, all the things needed for surviving are right there waiting for someone to pick them up.  Almost everything in a community is available to buy.  However, there are cons about living in a community.  One bad thing is law breaking.  People will always break the law if you live in a community.  Then, you have straight out mean people.  Some people will just be mean in a community for no good reason.  Third, living in a community means you can get robbed.  The mean people who may live in your community could break in to your house.  Next, you may not like the decisions of a government official.  The government may make a bad decision, and you couldn’t do a thing.  Fifth, you have to do things you don’t want to do (like school) because of a law.  These were good and bad things about living in a community.                                    12953125643_f4e1e5f289_m





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A community doesn’t have to be were you live though, it can be an after school activity too.  If you count Minecraft as a community, I’m part of that too.  I am on my middle school’s  soccer team, which is a community as well.  I would like to be in a play sometime in the future.  I have been in a play before, but didn’t do it this year.  Also, I want to someday be on a high school soccer team.  One thing you have to do in a community is report any law breakers to ensure the safety of others.  Second, you have to work with those around you in order to lead a successful life.  An example of this would be in a job because you have  to work with your co-workers.  You also have many responsibilities to follow in community.  First of all, you have to follow laws because disobeying a law comes with consequences.  Another responsibility is voting.  That way, there is a fair decision about whatever you are voting for. One person voting for the next leader of a country is not a good thing!  Finally, you need to take care of property.  All communities would look like trash if nobody took care of their or other people’s property.  I bet you are wondering how to find out about communities to join.  Simply think about some of your interests.  If that activity is included as an after school activity at your school, you can easily join it.  However, sometimes that will not be at yo581759954_53bd412b55_mur school, so you can check out this website for some ways to  join a community on google+.  Also, you can check out wherever the person in charge of your town is at.  They might have some tips for you.  The greatest value of being in a community is that you’re having fun.  That’s all for now, bye!





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       from flickr by reidmix


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